FX and International Payments

STP FX offers a comprehensive solution for all payment requirements, regardless of the payment size or frequency.

Our partnership with GC Partners, a carefully selected provider, allows us to provide our clients with access to tier 1 banks, enabling them to transact in both G10 and exotic currencies based on their specific needs. Additionally, our team of specialists provides tailored advice to ensure that our clients receive a service that best suits their requirements.

Portfolio and Share Class Hedging

We offer bespoke foreign currency hedging solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements, enabling you to proactively manage any market volatility. Our expertise lies in mitigating your overall currency risk and minimizing fluctuations that may arise in exchange rates between your base currency and hedge currency. Via our partnership with GC Partners, we ensure that your crucial transactions are conducted with complete confidence.

Our team of specialists is always available to oversee and monitor the performance of your hedge, allowing you to retain control over the hedge ratios and your overall FX exposure.


Why STP?