STP provides access to a diverse range of leading investment solutions through our strategic partners, covering a wide range of global markets and asset classes. We offer both off-the-shelf and tailor-made products to suit the specific investment requirements of our clients.

Our extensive network of institutional investors across the GCC, from family offices to IFAs, benefit from our ability to distribute third-party funds and investment offerings, providing our clients with access to a broader range of investment opportunities.


Investment Distribution

Further to bespoke investment offerings, STP has partnered with several asset managers in order to bring world class investment choices to our clients. Through these strategic partnerships STP has distribution rights for several investment solutions across a range of asset classes.
Employing our “best of breed” approach we ensure that our product line is streamlined to only include investments that we see the value in. In turn, through the close relationships that we develop with said asset managers, we are able to generate significant cost and time savings for our clients.

Why STP?